Books by Chef Julio H. Rodriguez

Cooking Columbus: A History of Cooking in the Caribbean

Chef Julio Rodriguez launches second book


Cooking Columbus, A History of Cooking in the Caribbean is the culmination of two years of research and dedication, an achievement this Puerto Rican master chef is immensely proud of. Chef Julio's love of art, history and culture guided the theme for Cooking Columbus


I wanted to do a book about the gentle, peace loving Amerindian inhabitants of the New World. The Tainos, Arawaks, and the war-like Carib Indians; their lifestyles, culture, art, music, and religion, plus chapters on slavery, pirates, spices and of course the wonderful Caribbean cuisines and the historical influences of countries like Spain, Africa, British, France, India, and the Dutch people had on the islands.” 


Doll's Kitchen, La Cocina de Dolly

Chef Julio Rodriguez launches first book


Doll's Kitchen, La Cocina del Dolly, shares the basics of traditional Latin cooking while author and chef Julio Rodriguez takes the reader through his life with his wife, Dolores (aka Dolly) with both humorous and interesting stories. Whether you are a beginner cook or seeking to learn more about Caribbean cooking, you will learn how to prepare soups and stews, the use of vegetables, meats, poultry, fish, and shellfish, as well as how to prepare rice and beans, pastas, omelets, salads, and traditional Caribbean deserts that will please any family members palate!