About Chef Julio Rodriguez


Chef Julio Rodriguez discovered his passion for cooking in the U.S. Navy. He discovered his passion for writing when he penned his first  cookbook, Doll's Kitchen, La Cocina de Dolly, an homage to his life with his wife and cooking for those he loves. Julio has worked throughout New York City at various restaurants, clubs, and cocktail bars as a chef, cook, bartender, instructor, and manager. Today Julio teaches Culinary Arts at Casita Maria Education Center in the Bronx, he also offers private and group lessons to all aspiring chefs, and caters private events and dinners. 


His Philosophy


Chef Julio Rodriguez loves the Caribbean, his paradise with beautiful people, tropical days, cool nights, breath taking sunsets, beaches, casinos, mango smoothies, and palm trees. Above all, he welcomes the opportunity to share his love of Caribbean food by teaching classes or catering events. To him, the Caribbean not only boasts of its roasted pork, arroz con gandules, fried snapper, plantains, coconut flan, "but with the cinnamon tanned young lady with a smile, and open arms waiting to greet you, Buen venidos al caribe!, welcome to the Caribbean, welcome to my island paradise!"